Calma y sosiego

Calmness, a feeling that sounds simple, but is not always easy to achieve. Calmness is one of the fundamental emotional skills and the basis for good mental health.

To accustom the eye to look calmly and patiently, and to let things come to it, to educate the eye for a deep and contemplative attention, for a long and leisurely gaze.

Only with a relaxed mind and a calm heart, we discover placid forms and environments, we enjoy a space, we distinguish the detail of a flower, the way we walk or the way we relate to those around us, we appreciate the right tone of music, the austerity in the tangible….

Calma y sosiegounites photography and poetry, creating serenity and placidity in its story. Forged “like a field album”, where landscape and memory are the actors of a story of coincidences and hints that invite the reader to imagine, to value the environment in a different way.

José María Díaz-Maroto


Photographer, teacher, independent curator and art promoter.

He is currently the Director of the International School of Photography Alcobendas PhotoEspaña PIC.A. As a teacher he teaches in different photography courses, is part of the faculty of the Master PhotoEspaña in photography, in addition to performing advisory work to private collectors. From 2007 to 2020 he was Curator and Curator of the Alcobendas Collection of Photography. 

He was co-founder of Colectivo-28, belonging to it until its dissolution, and founder and president of the Association “Entrefotos” until 2005. In 2018, he created the publishing label “Calma y sosiego, Ediciones”.