Mucho por ver

Every photograph is a memory. Memories of a pastime, engraved in the deepest part of the memory.

When we travel, it is almost always in search of familiar landscapes. Landscapes that are part of us, of our inner selves. These landscapes are formed by our dreams, longings and visions of another time. Because our eyes only see what we have learned.

Strolling from the depths of our memory they emerge again, they never leave you.

You may no longer see them, but nothing prevents you from remembering them. Before I could only photograph what I had in sight, now I know that a photographer’s gaze is not in his eye. It is only the tool that allows us to see.

You can lose your sight, but never lose your gaze. Because photographs are made from the soul.

The future begins today and depends on what you want to remember, because there is still much to see.

José Manuel Magano


After losing almost all of his sight after more than 40 years dedicated to photography, J.M. Magano has realized that his eyes were only a tool, his gaze is in his soul.

He has always done his work using pictorial techniques of the 19th century, and now his hands no longer need to see where to go, his great experience and memories direct them.

He may have lost his sight, but not his gaze.