The photos in this project were taken in recently built residential neighbourhoods in the south of Zaragoza. Large spaces reclaimed from the dry land, strong wind, low population density during working hours, impossible constructions that seem to have been taken out of place……. Walking around its corners it is impossible not to have a certain feeling of loneliness and isolation.

To enhance this effect, the images have been taken in analogue format with small film (the almost always forgotten 110 mm) and “redscale” effect. Visible grain, orange tones, blurs… as if we were witnesses to an unpredictable sandstorm about to devour everything.

Jorge Mir Bel


Formed in chemical engineering, which would explain his passion for experimentation. So it’s not surprising that, when photography started to become a more serious hobby for him, he opted for the analogue world.

Once the euphoria of the early years had passed, and he realized that the hobby was here to stay, it was time to sort it all out. He bought (and even read) photography books, gave up and bought his first serious digital camera (repeating to himself hundreds of times that it was just to learn faster) and completed his first courses such as the Labasad professional photography master.


Inauguration: Friday, September 23, 2022 at 6:30pm