The exhibition “Bromolis” is an opportunity to show and vindicate the work of a singular photographer, Joaquim Pla Janini, and a new opportunity for the Maritime Museum to make known its extensive collection of collections, and specifically, its photographic collection of more than 500,000 photographic pieces.

 Joaquim Pla Janini

Tarragona (1879 – 1970)

Pla Janini, one of the greatest exponents of pictorialist photography in Catalonia, and emphasizes the uniqueness of the photographic technique used, the transported bromoleo.

The collection of 34 transported bromoleographs belonging to the collection of the Museu Marítim de Barcelona is exhibited for the first time. They are photographs of great beauty, with landscapes and portraits of seafarers. All of them represent traditional themes that highlight the traditional activities at sea.