Tempo Argèntic

The three series that make up “Tempo Argèntic” have been conceived and produced in the Herschel classroom (analog laboratory) of the IEFC, during the course Serie Argèntica 2021-2022, with the direction of Joan Teixidor and the collaboration of Manuel Serra.

Each of them has its own temporal elasticity and parallel chronology. It is enough to look at them and not see them, the observer’s associations will flow dynamically.

Alan Balzac presents “Instantané“, about the links of intimacy with people and places of his life, perhaps also of any of ours.

Bernat Bosch revisits the contact sheets of years of photography and discovers his propensity to focus on the alteration of the environment implied by human action in the series “Paisatge intervingut“.

Noelia Pérez Sández explores in “UNO” the opacity of her sporogenous yeast cultures, forms of primary life, and invites us, perhaps, to observe the analogy between the most primary forms of life and the forms of the most distant celestial bodies.

Colectiva “Tempo Argèntic”

Alan Balzac, Galicia. 

He is a multidisciplinary artist, he is interested in tangible art, with smell. The chemical of analog photography and its unpredictability. The pigment of paintings and its presence. The smell of words when converted to paper. Touching art is the escape route he found to the abstraction of thought.

Bernat Bosch, Barcelona.

He accompanies himself with his analog camera on his work trips, dedicated to filming documentaries.

From these trips he has created “Paisatge intervingut” (intervened landscape).

The Sèrie Argèntica studio has allowed him to review his photographic archive and complete the series. 

Noelia Pérez Sández, Canovelles.

Argentic photography denaturalizes her own gaze.

The argentine photography gives him an aesthetic-critical distance from what we call “realistic effect”.

The argentine photography gives him back a baby look.

Argentic photography opens spaces to create new desires and spaces of play and imagination.

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