Richard Avedon Behind the Scenes

The first exhibition in Spain on the figure of Avedon. The show, which is a world premiere, is made up of photographs by Gideon Lewin, Avedon’s studio manager, on the
making-of of some of his most iconic images, as well as original photographs by Richard Avedon from the private collection of designer Joanna Mastroianni, curator of the exhibition.

The show is a visual journey through a sixteen-year collaboration, including the first portrait of a young Richard Avedon in 1965, and is a vivid documentation of the fashion magazine’s photo shoots, as well as life in the studio.

Among the photographs are many firsts that show the innovative nature of this Avedon-Lewin creative collaboration. For example, Vogue’s lavish fur caravan photo shoot for the October 1966 issue, shot on location in Japan over five weeks, created images that revolutionized and fused the worlds of fashion and photography in a way that it will never be repeated.

In the exhibition you can see 130 photographs by Lewin and 13 by Avedon. Plus four Mastroianni fashion creations inspired by the images. There will also be a small exhibition with the magazines where the most iconic fashion reports were published.

Gideon Lewin / Richard Avedon

Israel / USA

He graduated from the Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles, majoring in photography and advertising. As a renowned photographer, he has worked for 40 years with fashion designers in advertising, promotions and books.
Early in his career, Lewin was Richard Avedon’s studio manager and right-hand man for 16 years, a job that he has turned into the book Avedon Behind the Scenes, published by Powerhouse. In addition, Gideon has overseen four major and prestigious museum exhibitions for Avedon, including the first fashion show at the Metropolitan in New York in 1978.


Joanna Mastroianni’s personal relationship with many artists has inspired her photography collection that spans over 40 years and is focused on the relationship between fashion and photography.

Her first commission as a curator is the culmination of many years of research and a special relationship with artists and historians.

Opening: Wednesday, July 20, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.