Ghosts of…

Frank Machalowski used to visit flea markets looking for old cameras or something like this. One day he saw a stand from a Frenchman who was selling a mass of very old photographs, only portraits. Frank bought some pictures from him. He had an idea in mind to do something with old vintage photographs, but he didn’t know what. When he viewed the pictures at home he decided to transform all these people, adding them to the present.

It’s about time, the past and the present. All people in these pictures are strangers from the past, most probably dead for a long time. Now they all come together in the present, like ghostly appearance on different locations and cities.

For these series, Frank combined two photographs: one picture he took with his own self-made anamorphic pinhole camera, and one old vintage photograph. The pinhole images are all 6×6 film photographs that he develops and scans himself and then treats with Photoshop.

Frank Machalowski

Berlín, Germany

After studying Economics in Berlin and engaging in various trades, he has been working as a freelance photographer and artist since 2011.

He got into photography as a hobby and at the beginning he was mainly into digital format, but then he started shifting back to film, as he found the charming characteristics and atmosphere of film photography to be more fascinating. Today, he even develops and prints some of his photos on his own.