Le commun des mortels

1000 photos saved from oblivion

memory rescued from the mass grave

rays of space light

last traces of extinct lives

something happened there, we don’t know what

accidents, indecipherable scars

speeches of spectres, apparitions of spirits

cupcake of almost nothing eaten away

tales left for dead


a nose-dial to certain death

to the impression of the past and to the impossible eternity


Elise Pic and Jacques Barbier

Toulouse, France

A still unfinished puzzle of hundreds of thousands of amateur photographs presented by Elise Pic and Jacques Barbier in their Kloug gallery, the only place in France to present “the other photo”, the family photo versus the art photo, without any artifice.

The collection, photographic heritage of the ordinary, gathers in a reliquary collage some “almost nothing”, almost oneself, small cupcakes, sublime accidents, life: instructions for use…. These photographs, destined to the factory of memory, reveal themselves as others under our gaze. Look, you’ll see!

Le commun des mortels: a tribute to the anonymous, photographers and photographed.