Warmer than the sun

This photographic series is a continuous process documenting the mother of Elise Corten and the relationship she has with her. She tries to show us, through her photographic narrative, the dialogues, moments of intimacy and her great closeness with her subject. The artist uses her camera as a pretext for redefining the maternal link. By drawing on her daily rituals, she looks at her mother as she is – in other words, a woman in her own right and not just a mother.

The pictures show the desire that a mother has to reveal to her daughter, a photographer, the physical and emotional changes she is going through. The project is both personal and universal, exposing mother to daughter and daughter to mother and self to self. An intimate and sensual mother-daughter relationship is revealed through the succession of portraits and still life works. 

Elise Corten

Brussels, Belgium

Elise Corten (BE 1994°) is a photographer based in Belgium. Elise’s practice primarily explores themes of intimacy, identity and memory through long term photo projects. 

Her work has been shown in various international exhibitions and publications including Portrait of Humanity (UK), Hangar Photo Art Center (BE) and Helsinki Photo Festival (FI) amongst others.