Cómo buscan las olas la orilla del mar

The project focuses on the representation of the sea, its uncontrollable movement, nostalgia, the passage of time and the blurring of moments. The author thus develops a very personal way of seeing, where loneliness seems to continually attack him, and seeks refuge in the waters of the Bay of Biscay.

This photographic journey has been developing for several years, and is the result of the moments captured by the author in his most recent stage, where it seems that time accelerates or stops at will. It all starts a few months before the sanitary crisis of Covid-19 and its consequent confinement.

David Castillo


A great enthusiast of photography in its most primary state, he dedicates his efforts to the rescue of a chemical photography, without alterations, when light is captured in silver in its wildest form. This can be seen throughout his most recent work, experimenting with different formats and classic techniques to transmit precisely pure, primary, unaltered feelings.

He has participated in several exhibitions, including the group exhibitions “Nuevos y Raros” at the CNFoto and later at the Centro Cultural Doctor Madrazo, as well as the solo exhibition “N-623” at the Centro Cultural Montaraz.



Opening: Friday, September 9, 2022