Living on an island has its things. For some these things are limitations and for others they are possibilities. Limits of movement, but possibilities to stop and think.

This perception that exists in the idea of an island is unique, but, depending on the type of person it has an effect or another. An effect that is usually felt through the landscape that somehow, it is not known how, goes through the one who observes and feels it.

Many people quickly feel a connection with the rhythm of life in a place like this, feeling a very strong bond, especially with the landscape that acts as a vehicle to feel that strange perception of time that lives stagnant here, on the island.

Many others feel a strange pressure, an overwhelming sense of the environment and the landscape that, without them wanting it, generates a restlessness in their minds that the only effect it creates is to want to leave, looking for places where there are more distractions and hobbies.

Daniel Fleitas

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

He is a photographer interested in the reflections and indications of human cognition exposed in the landscape. In a world where we have no time and where it seems that this aptitude of our society is blinded by the human need to pretend to what is happening around us.

We have become comfortable. It is at this point of comfort that the photographer is situated, exploring the results of these actions that we cause in our territory.