Bajo todos los cielos

Polyptych of 40 snapshots that create a map of experiences and memories under the sky. Each photograph captured the sky at different moments, times and places during a trip through Argentina. This work represents the fleetingness of the image in our memory.

Each photograph carries a text, which gives us back the image through its story. This exercise of imagination appeals to the viewer’s own memories and experiences. This map is timeless and transversal.

Beberly Estay

Santiago, Chile

Photographer, artist and researcher in visual culture. With a reflective approach on the conflicts of human visual perception, the perception of the environment and self-perception. From her first exhibitions such as “Can we remember us?” from 2014, where she presents her first visual installation and consisting of a series of colour photographs that recreate images inside the maternal womb during cellular, embryonic and fetal development.

In recent years, due to her belonging to the Diaguita indigenous people in Chile, she is developing visual creation and research work related to her ethnic family line, studying the ancestral landscape of the fertile Choapa Valley, the family archive and the portrait, exploring the photographic image from its ethnographic and anthropological character.