Publish Or Perish

“Publish Or Perish” is an aphorism describing the pressure to publish scholarly work in order to succeed in an academic career. It has been appropriated from this meaning used for research, as the pressure is equal or even greater in the arts.


Bárbara Traver

Valencia / Madrid

She is a photographer, visual educator, Spanish and based in London.

Her work is nourished by ideas, feelings and perceptions through a concept or an experience; working intuitively on intimacy, identity and the narrative or metaphorical potential of the everyday, with numerous artistic references and philosophical readings about the human being. For her, creation in relation to the everyday and through the individual, with his environment, is like a mirage that reveals itself in a subtle and suggestive way.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries and fairs such as CC Pati Llimona (Barcelona), in the Theredoom Gallery (Madrid) or in the Sala Marqués de Gonzalez Quiros (Gandía). He has also participated in festivals and seminars such as the Albarracin photojournalism festival, PhotoAlicante, Encuentros fotográficos Gijón, Fiebre, Utopia Markets or Cultur3 Club. In recent years, she has been the recipient of the EFTI grant (2018), the Cultur3 Club Art Fair grant (2018) and most recently the VEGAP grant (2021) to continue working on her project “te quiere, mamá”.