Al borde del aeropuerto

“Al borde del aeropuerto”, curated by the ‘Premio Mingote’ Miguel Berrocal, is a travelling exhibition inaugurated by Envera as part of the 20th anniversary of PhotoEspaña with the support of Iberia and the Madrid City Council.

Through it, the author has built the graphic memory of a neighbourhood and its protagonists, for more than 25 years, united by the almost sacred bond of the red cushion of “Michael”. Moreover, each of these portraits is a victory over the prejudices faced by people with intellectual disabilities; it is a triumph over ignorance and misunderstanding.

It is part of the audiovisual project “El viaje de la vida de Antonio Martín” which includes the short film “El vuelo de Michael”, the sound production “Éxito feliz” and an exhibition of models of unique buildings made with toothpicks.

Antonio Martín “Michael”


He began his photographic career in 1991 when his father, an Iberia employee, gave him a camera to travel to Tenerife. To that Kodak negative camera, he later added a digital Fujifilm and then the lens of his cell phone. Today each portrait has its replica in the three cameras, from which he never leaves.

Reporter of Radio Terrícola and pichichi in his time as a sportsman, he was the protagonist of the XX Anniversary of PhotoEspaña and of the documentary “El vuelo de Michael” (2018). He lives in the Envera Residence for people with intellectual disabilities, from where he continues to portray neighbors and visitors of the Alameda de Osuna neighborhood, on the edge of the airport.