Pausa is a personal project with sensitivity and aesthetics as the main protagonists. It reflects an intimate atmosphere in which two bodies in an attitude of total confidence are unaware of the passage of time. The feelings of the people portrayed will be reflected in each of the photographs without the need to give a context or explanation.

When they are together, time stands still, there is only them and the love they have for each other, and they are so immersed in themselves that they do not realize that there is someone portraying them.


Andrea Keynox


He started in photography in a self-taught way, with the passage of time he became more interested and wanted to dedicate himself professionally to it. At the end of the CFGS of Photography at the EASD, he will begin a Master’s degree in photography at EFTI.

She is passionate about artistic and sentimental photography, and the fields she works most are the nude, boudoir and portrait. A few years ago, she started experimenting with analog photography, and it has allowed her to discover a new world that she does not want to leave.


Opening: Friday, September 9, 2022