Reflecting on the consciousness of limited time leads us to think that the time we spend in life has three perfectly differentiated states, “Pasado, Presente, Futuro”.

The “Pasado” is our personal history, the place where our life and its fruits are deposited, at the rhythm in which they are produced, it is the state from where our legacy transcends.

The “Presente” is the present moment, ephemeral and eternal, from which we can never leave, as we leave a present that has occurred in a tiny portion of time, it becomes the past and moves inexorably towards the immediate future.

We can remember the past and imagine the future, but we cannot leave the present, since it is the place where we perpetually dwell.

The “futuro” is the years we have, the years we have left to live. No one knows how many, but we can influence that future, preserving what makes us happy.

This project is proposed as a photographic trilogy, from the most intimate conviction that the physical photograph, printed on silver paper, is one of the most important supports that allow us to remember the past, to live the present and that has transcendence in the future, regardless of whether the subject or person portrayed has disappeared or not. Few things stand the test of time better than a photograph on paper.

Alfredo Herrezuelo


A photography enthusiast since his youth and self-taught, he has been part of different photographic groups in Burgos, highlighting the “Fotoclub contraluz”, with which he was able to organize various events related to photography, has participated in numerous group exhibitions over the years.

Currently, he is developing a project of diffusion, promotion and dissemination of analog photography, called “Una mirada gris” and his photographic work focuses on the realization of projects based on the hostile relationship between the human being and his physical and spiritual environment.


Opening: Friday, September 9, 2022