Estimats espècimens.

Botanical impressions in cyanotypy

Between March and June, more than 250 boys and girls from nine schools and high schools in Badalona, Barcelona, Bigues i Riells, Caldes de Montbui, Molins de Rei, Sant Adrià de Besòs and Tremp have explored their environment to discover the plant specimens that inhabit their streets, squares, parks, roads, mountains…

Inspired by one of the pioneers of photography, the English botanist Anna Atkins (1799-1871), the students have “portrayed” this unique herbarium using cyanotypes: a historical photographic procedure that allows to obtain -without camera and by contact- the negative copy (or photogram) of the elements arranged directly on the photosensitive paper, with a cyan blue monochrome result.

 A Bao A Qu


Is a non-profit cultural association specifically dedicated to the conception and development of projects that link culture, art and education. Founded in 2004, since its inception it has introduced creation in public schools and institutes involving and working with children and young people, creators (filmmakers, visual artists, etc.) and teachers.

They carry out all their projects from a triple cultural, educational and social perspective, combining artistic experimentation and research, educational innovation and social transformation.

They develop structural programs such as Cinema en curs (started in Catalonia in 2005 and currently international in scope), Fotografia en curs (started in 2012), Creadors EN RESIDÈNCiA in Barcelona high schools (a program of ICUB and the Barcelona Education Consortium, conceived jointly with A Bao A Qu) and projects in collaboration with various cultural organizations.