1 and 2 October

A weekend dedicated to the photobook, where we will also celebrate the tenth anniversary of the festival.

Saturday 1st


Parc de can Rafart

Plenty of recreational activities for the day
– 10:00 h/19:00 h Photobook Market
– 11:00 h Family Gymkana
– 14:00 h Paella popular (different options, includes vegan)- Tickets in situ
– 20:00 h Concert of Robert Poch, D-Covers Band and Sergi Shine DJ Live music (11h a 20h) with Susan Rott & TNTC + Retroband

Sala Polivalent del parc de can Rafart

Conferences. Everything you wanted to know about photobooks. Entry with pass, which you can get here.
– 10:30 h Descarte, orden y puesta en página, with Rafa Badia
– 11:30 h Fotografía y pensamiento, with Ros Boisier and Leo Simoes
– 12:30 h Un viaje visual: fotolibros históricos, clásicos e imprescindibles, with Eduardo d’Acosta
– 16:00 h Cuando fotografía y literatura se dan la mano. Talk with Laura C. Vela, from Editorial Comisura
– 17:00 h Luces y sombras de la autoedición. UA conference on crowdfunding, by Alex Llovet
– 18:00 h Revelando los secretos de los fotógrafos: itinerarios visuales y sonoros en torno al fotolibro, with Mireia Alises (Photo Art Books ) and Isabel Hernández* (Audioteca Fotográfica)

Pérgola de can Rafart

Presentations. Learn the secrets of each of these photobooks from their authors. Admission is free
– 10:30 h “Summer‘s almost gone”, by Alex Llovet, Ediciones Posibles
– 11:30 h “I’m Okay”, by Anna Izquierdo, Editorial Terranova
– 12:30 h “El juego de la madalena”, by Julieta Averbuj, Fuego Books
– 13:30 h “Querida Theresa”,  with the editor Laura C.Vela, Ediciones Comisura
– 16:30 h “Los hijos del ciervo”, by Jose Luís Carrillo, Editorial Lumínic
– 17:30 h “Raza”, by Tono Arias, Dispara Libros
– 18:30 h Presentation with Joan Fontcuberta of “Imatges latents” and “HeghDI’ vem ghaH, tu’lu’ DINOSAUR”, Editorial Arcàdia and Dalpine Ed.

In the whole Parc

Come with your family to share all these experiences
“Jo voldria ser” with Tantágora
Photocollage with The White Rabbit Project
Construye tu primer fotolibro with Alejandra Morales
Vilassar en Cianotípia with The White Rabbit Project
Fotografía enrrollada with The White Rabbit Project
Show “Minute” with Clown JAM
PERFECT MATCH: Find your photobook twin. Tell Isabel Hérnandez your tastes and she will recommend you a photobook from the market!


Museu Arxiu de Vilassar de Dalt
“Boquerones en”, with Can Grapes Fanzines

Sunday 2 October


Museu Arxiu de Vilassar de Dalt

On Sunday there are not so many activities, but still a couple of very interesting workshops.
Workshop “Edita. El Secreto está en la Tripa”, with Tono Arias
Imagen fotográfica, fotolibros y discursos visuales, with Ros Boisier and Leo Simoes (directors of Muga and  LUR)


Fàbrica cal Garbat

During all the days of the festival, also in reference to the photobooks you will be able to see the…

Permanent exhibition, “Vint mirades des de l’autoedició”, commissioned by Mireia Alises



The Photobook Day conferences will be held in the Sala Polivalent of the parc de can Rafart, throughout Saturday 1 October.

They are chargeable, as they have to compensate travel, accommodation and effort of all the great professionals that we will have, with much to explain and where you have much to learn.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.