In 2022 we will celebrate the tenth edition of the festival. It seems a lot of TIME, but we all know that the speed of this is inversely proportional to what is enjoyed. We have enjoyed it a lot and perhaps that is why it has flown by; It has not been due to any space-time contraction as a result of general relativity, although it may seem so at times.
They say that TIME is linear and always works in a single direction, forward, although with photography we can take a look back, and that, those of us who already have an age, make us realize that as it progresses, less we favors 😉 “Tempus fugit, …” Surely you have seen it in a sundial, a Latin expression that reminds us that TIME is escaping us, and that invites us not to lose it. And what better way to do it than by participating in this call for the 2022 edition.
We have to tell you that this time we will choose many more projects for the call, that there will be more prizes and that participating can open many more doors and make TIME pass you even faster, or maybe slower, you choose …

The motto then will be this “Tempus Fugit …”, a very broad concept, which can give a lot of itself, open to many interpretations: long-term (or short) projects, long exposures, periods, clocks, measurements, comparisons, movement, freezing … whatever you think, surely there will be room.

You just have to try it. You have TIME until 31st December 2021.*PROLONGED UNTIL THE 16TH OF JANUARY, 2022

Will you sign up?


The TENTH edition of the Revela-T Festival will be held in September 2022. The exhibition halls will be open on weekends and during previously established activities or visits.
The call for the presentation of projects will be in force from now until December 31, 2021. *PROLONGED UNTIL THE 16TH OF JANUARY, 2022. Once this period has passed, no exhibition proposals will be accepted.


The theme, concept, or discourse of the works to be presented must be related to the theme proposed for this edition: Tempus Fugit
All processes considered analog, chemical, and hybrid will be accepted. Mixed techniques will also be accepted.


To present your project, you have to fill in the registration form with all the information we ask for.


€20 through PayPal


We will study each of the proposals, we will make the selection of those that will be exhibited, and we will contact via email with all the participants indicating whether they have been selected or not.
It will be valued that the works are unpublished and recent. Proposals that develop or contain the concept or the design of the exhibition installation will also be valued. Or those that are already produced and ready to exhibit. In any case, they will be accompanied by the plans or diagrams of order, distribution or installation.
Although it would be our wish, the Festival Organization cannot assume the production costs of the selected works.


Each selected author must send the works to the following address:
Riera de Targa 47, 1st Floor
08339 Vilassar de Dalt (Barcelona).
We recommend sending the works by courier rather than by certified mail. It is also possible to deliver it by hand to the same address.
International shipments must be made exclusively by courier or agency, and it is convenient to declare that they are samples without commercial value. Otherwise, they may be detained by customs.
Although it would be our wish, the Festival Organization cannot assume the transportation costs, neither for the round trip nor for the return.


Revela’T will insure the works during the Festival period. Assembly, exhibition and disassembly will be covered, but the Organization is not responsible for any damage that may occur during transport.


The 1st prize will consist of € 1000 / Exhibition of your work at the REVELA’T festival, X edition. / Free access to the exhibitions of the X edition / Welcome Pack / Contact with great artists and gallery owners

The 2nd prize will consist of help in the production of your exhibition / Exhibition of your selected work at the REVELA’T festival, X edition. / Free access to the exhibitions of the X edition / Welcome Pack / Contact with great artists and gallery owners

The 3rd prize will consist of an Exhibition of your selected work at the REVELA’T festival, X edition. / Free access to the exhibitions of the X edition / Welcome Pack / Contact with great artists and gallery owners

From the 4th to the 15th prize the opportunity of being exhibited in other galleries outside Vilassar de Dalt (REVELA’T OFF) and the possible publication of your work in photography magazines

All participants will be exposed digitally during REVELA’T 2022, X edition and the free one-day pass to the exhibitions.


In order for the participants to be able to compensate the expenses involved in exhibiting at the festival, the photographers who wish to do so, can send us a list of works and prices that can be offered to interested persons, collectors, gallery owners, etc.


The Festival will return the works within a period of 2 months from the end of the Festival. The return costs are in charge of the author and will be sent through a transport agency. There is also the possibility of collecting the works personally.
The works will be reviewed by the author at the time of being received by the carrier to verify that they are in good condition and without damage. If not, he will have to hold the carrier accountable.


An assembly company will take over the installation of the works. The assembly will take place during the week prior to the opening day of the Festival.
The presence of all authors who can come to give assembly instructions, whether of order, distribution or installation, will be appreciated. In the latter case, if the installation is preferred by the author himself, he will be able to count on the help of the assembly company.
For the good and rapid development of the assembly, shifts and schedules will be established.


The author declares to have all the necessary rights for the exhibition and publication of the images presented, in particular the right to the image of the people who appear in their photographs, and exonerates the organization from any economic claim and of any other type by collective management entities.
The author assigns the reproduction rights of his images. These will be used only for the promotional materials of the sample.
The author exonerates the organization from any conflict or lawsuit that may occur with the Associations for the Defense of Author’s Rights, for not having the rights of the images displayed.


The Organization reserves the right to resolve any circumstance not foreseen in these bases, as well as to make changes to the planned program for reasons of force majeure.


In accordance with Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI) and with organic law 15/1999 on Data Protection (LOPD), the Associació Fotogràfica Espaifoto guarantees the security and confidentiality of the personal data provided in this form. The user is informed and gives his consent to the incorporation of his data in the existing automated files in Associació Fotogràfica Espaifoto and to the automated treatment of them, for the sending of interesting news about their activities. In any case, the Associació Fotogràfica Espaifoto ensures the exercise of rights in the terms established by current legislation.
If at any point you change your mind, just email