MAIN WEEKEND 16th, 17th and 18th September

If you don’t want to miss out on any of the highlights of the weekend, we have plenty of activities in addition to the exhibitions.

Friday 16TH


At the Teatre la Massa.

If you want to dedicate yourself to photography, this round table is of great interest to you. And admission is free. 
– 12:30 h “1000 formas vivir (o sobrevivir) de la fotografía” A chat with Albert Gusi, Dimas Fàbregas and Silvia Omedes

This is the start of the conferences, which are most interesting. They require a pass, which you can buy here.

– 18:00 h “El Ministerio de la Imagen Pérdida”. Resurrecting photographs with Paco Gómez and Fernando Maquieira.
– 19:00 h Talk with Joan Fontcuberta moderated by Fernando Maquieira.
– 19:30 h : Presentation of awards and Silver Badge to our honoree Joan Fontcuberta, in Teatre la Massa.

And the highlight comes with the inauguration, which is open to everyone. 
– 20:30 h After the tribute, in the Plaça del Teatre, we will have live music and Estrella Damm will buy you a beer 😉

Saturday 17TH


At the Teatre la Massa

Conferences continue throughout the day. They require a pass, which you can buy here.

– 11:30 h Screening (20’) + colloquium: “El vuelo de Michael” with Antonio Martín (Michael) and Virginia Ródenas
– 12:30 h “Plata y Píxel. Nuevos autores de espíritu argéntico”. Analysis with Rafa Badia
– 17:00 h Gestar un proyecto de fotografía solidaria, with Rafa Doctor
– 18:00 h ¡Todo lo que quieres saber del coleccionismo… y más! Roundtable with José Mª Díaz-Maroto, Laura Terré, Rafa Doctor and Pancho Saula
– 19:00 h Masterclass by Luis González Palma

At the plaça de la Vila

You can’t miss the markets, you will find everything and of course they are open to everyone.
– 10:30 h/21:00 h Photo market, Author’s Fair and Handmade market

We want to do the celebrated group photo again, are you in?
– 13:30 h The group photo of the X EDITION is back! We will wait for you with the big R’T family 2022!

Come and have fun with your family and enjoy a lot of fun activities related to photography throughout the day.       
– Transferencia fotográfica with Alejandra Morales
– Antotípia with Marta G. Cardellach
– Live screen printing with Juan Luis Ronco
– Huge Camera Obscura, by Faustí Llucià

Other locations

Apart from the guided tours on weekends, we have two veryyy special guided tours with the authors themselves.   
– 12:30 h with Deanna Dikeman in Salvador Riera Street
– 13:00 h with Alexey Titarenko in the Sala de exposiciones de la Massa

Sunday 18th


At the plaça de la Vila

Conferences are over, but there are exhibitions, markets and workshops for all tastes.
– 10:30 h/21:00 h Photo market, author’s Fair and Handmade market

Don’t worry, if you haven’t had enough yet, on Sunday you can enjoy all these free workshops with your family again.     
– Transferencia fotográfica with Alejandra Morales
– Antotípia with Marta G. Cardellach
– Live screen printing with Juan Luis Ronco
– Huge Camera Obscura, by Faustí Llucià


You may not see it, but you should know that this is also happening this weekend:

Meet&Mix: International gathering of more than 20 representatives from analog photography Festivals around the world.

Creation and Experimentation Residency: 8 international artists selected by the OPEN CALL will live together during one week of the festival developing a project that will be on display at Revela’T 23.

Portfolio Viewing: 24 selected OPENCALL candidates will analyze their projects with 15 professionals from the photography industry.

The conferences (in Spanish) will take place at the Teatre la Massa on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning and afternoon.

These are not free, as they have to compensate for travel, accommodation and effort of all the great professionals that we will have, with much to explain and where there will be much to learn.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.