Here are the discounts you will get for becoming a Revela’T friendxs. This is just the beginning, we will update you with more advantages in the future!

EGM: 25% discount on all products


Impressionart Barcelona - Impresión Fotográfica y Fine Art IMPRESSIONART: 30% discount to all prints with Hahnemhuele paper and/or EPSON paper


THE FOLIOCLUB 25% discount on Canson Infinity papers 


   LF MAGAZINE:  20% discount on retail price. Special discount on collection pack



YES YOU SCAN   20% discount


  VISUAL KORNER:  15% discount on every laboratory rate. 10% on “fotoacabado “


  Analog Magazine:15% discount on all products 


  VM FOTO:  10% general discount


NOSTÀLGIC:   10% discount unless in developing and films


KITOLI & SHOOTERS FILM LAB10% discount in analogue developing, colour and copies, and 30% discount in exhibition projects


  ACLAM: 10% discount on the entire catalogue and on the set, plus a 20% discount on analytical and laboratory material


  CARMENCITA FILM LAB:  7% discount on scanning and developing

... And more to come soon!