(Pre-sale tickets no longer available. The winner will be announced soon)

This strange year we thought about a new and creative way to participate. When you buy your pre-sale tickets to the exhibitions, what you’re really buying is a ticket for these fantastic awards. So, in case you won’t be able to come, you will still have the hope of being able to have this fantastic prize. This way, can collaborate all those who want to participate and help the festival, either they’re coming or not.

This is a way of giving a small input, that multiplied by lots of them, it’s crucial and necessary for Revela’Ts subsistence.

Free ticket to children under 14 years old.



The prize is this Hasselblad 500C/M, with a 2.8 Planar 80mm, given by our folks from CASANOVA FOTO as a collaboration with Revela’T.

The camera works perfectly and it has the guarantee by Casanova Foto, which is probable the most emblematic photographic shop that exists in Barcelona nowadays. We’re really grateful and happy of having them as Revela’T friends.


The second prize is incredible Nikon F2, with a 50 mm 1.4 lens, donated by the friends of CASANOVA FOTO as contribution and collaboration to the festival.

As with the Hasselblad, the camera is reviewed and guaranteed by Casanova Foto, which is probably the most emblematic photographic trade that exists today in the city of Barcelona and makes us extremely happy that they collaborate with us in this very special way.


The third prize is this particular Polaroid, capable of printing more than one copy from a single capture and storing in microSD those shots that you do not want to print. This is the instax SQUARE SQ20, donated by FUJiFILM as a contribution and collaboration to the festival.

As we’ll be selling tickets, we’ll include another new prizes that could be chemical photographic products, another cameras, etc, so it would be easier for those who bought a ticket, to get other prizes.

How are we going to do it?

It’s quite easy. When you buy a ticket through Entradium, you’ll have a random number that we’ll send you by email, and that will be your participation for the Hasselblad raffle.


For every ticket you buy, you’ll get a new number for the raffle. If you buy more than one, you’ll have more and more chances and numbers to get the price. If you buy 3 tickets, you’ll get 4 raffle numbers, if you buy 5, you’ll get 7 raffle numbers, and if you but 10, you’ll get 15. Looks good, isn’t it?

And there’s also more!

You’ll also have ruffle numbers if you sign up to our Workshops, the Warm Up Day or the stART Day in Old Estrella Damm Factory. 

And less to say, our Patreon and Paypal friends, will have their raffle tickets for free. They have given us support this whole year. So they deserve it!