At Revela’t 2021 we bet for face-to-face workshops with great proffesionals of photography. We believe that the experience it’s a huge part of the learning and we hope that the situation it’s better and that in the ends of septembre we are better than the past year.

In this edition we are having 5 workshops very special and different, in which you will learn and enjoy at the same time. 4 at Vilassar de Dalt and 1 in Vic (Osona).

  • Daguerreotype mercurial Workshop, will take place the 24 of September, with a duration of 9h and will be done by the photographer Joaquín Paredes.
  • Initiation to the zone system in the digital era Workshop. A Workshop of 4 very productive hours at the morning of Friday 24 of September, done by Enric de Santos.
  • 3D Photography Workshop done by Òscar Láser. Will take place the Friday 24 of September at the evening with a duration of 4h.
  • Stenopeic Photography Workshop, will take place on Saturday 25 of September and Sunday 26 at the morning, for a total of 12h. Done by the photographer Ilan Wolff that will run this unique workshop.
  • Photography Workshop “LOW ISO” with Lomography Babylon 13 and Fantôme 8, will be held on Sunday, October 3, and will last 4 hours.
  • Finally, at Vic Tino Soriano is waiting us with a spectacular workshop (as always) Anatomy of a Photo where he will resolve everything (or almost everything) of what worries at the enthusiasts of photography 😉

Vilassar de Dalt


The speakers are well-known photographers recognized and appreciated in their areas. These workshops are a great opportunity to learn about their large experience and talent.

Joaquín Paredes it’s a specialist about historic processes with a 10 years experience in this kind of workshops. Their works have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Ilan Wolff, it’s one of the specialists of the technique of the Camera obscura and has been specialized in the creation of photographies through this technique  with cameras done with boxes or old cans.

Óscar Laser director from 1987 of the Aula d’Especialització Fotogràfica. Expert in stereoscopic, patenting with Mayte Francín in 2007 a stereoscopic visor that allowed the visualization of pairs of reversal film with excellent quality.

Enric de Santos, photographer and teacher founded ‘La Primavera Fotogràfica de Catalunya’ and ‘Primeres Jornades Fotogràfiques de Catalunya’. Has more than 26 photography books edited, where we can highlight ‘El Negatiu’, which will be gifted at every participant of the workshop.

Tino Soriano photographer and writer. Rewarded by Unesco has the ‘Lente de Plata Mejicana’, five awards Fotopres, Spanish Photographer of the year Fujifilm, ‘Essence of Humanity’, the Word Press Photo and lots of other prizes for his trajectory as a photographer and traveler.

You can’t miss this huge opportunity of learning from the bests!