FRIDAY 24TH SEPTEMBER 9.00h – 14.00h and 16.00h – 20.00h 

Location: Escola Joan Maragall, Vilassar de Dalt


If you are passionate about alternative and ancient techniques this is a golden opportunity for you!

A very exclusive workshop of this beautiful technique, and with the original process based on mercury, evidently done in a safe, controlled and risk-free way. The daguerreotype, despite being one of the most ancient techniques, has a higher definition than that of any digital sensor.

From the hand of the photographer and artist Joaquín Paredes, we will have for the first time at the festival this unique and exclusive Mercurial Daguerreotype workshop. In the workshop we will learn everything necessary for the elaboration of bromine-accelerated and mercury-developed daguerreotype plates.

This time, we propose a workshop with a more compact format to be able to concentrate it in a single day. We will dispense with the silvering process of the copper or brass plates to be able to concentrate on the preparation and polishing, vaporization and development of the plates with mercury.

The workshop can be done in Spanish or English, and if there are enough places, two can be held (one in each language)


Joaquín Paredes is a photographer specialized in historical processes. Trained as an architect, photography soon revealed itself as his true calling and he decided to dedicate himself fully to it.

In his first years of work, he renounces the use of digital technology to experiment with photographic processes of the 19th century and tries to claim the place they deserve within current contemporary photography. This creative need even leads him to build his own large format cameras; the objective is to adapt them to the needs of each photographic project. He has participated in the 2018 Novos Artists Encounters. He has been coordinator of the residency for creation and artistic experimentation at Revela-T. He has exhibited his work at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid, in Segovia Foto, in the second edition of PHES at the Revela-T International Photography Festival (Barcelona), in Photo Patagonia (Argentina) and in Timisoara ( Romania).

He has worked with Lois for her Lois & Arts project. His photographs have been published internationally, in specialized magazines such as L’Oeil de la Photographie (France), Clavoardiendo Magazine (Spain), Adore Noir (Canada) and Lomography Magazine International. Finalist in competitions such as the Hariban Award (Japan) or the Lens Culture Emerging Talent Awards. And jury of competitions such as Europe Direct. Currently he combines his personal projects with teaching through workshops and conferences among other organizations for the IPCE (Institute of Cultural Heritage Spain).


As always, we will start from scratch and the students will acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to carry out the process independently after the workshop. Period literature, links to material suppliers and a small manual with the most important concepts and formulas that we will see in the workshop will also be provided.

The maximum number of students is 6.

The workshop is a full day (9h):

FRIDAY September 24 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


● History and theory of the daguerreotype.

● Chemical safety, storage and handling.

● Necessary equipment

● Polishing of Daguerrean plates.

● Accelerated daguerreotypes: sensitization with iodine and bromine vapors.

● Exposure, developed, fixed and toned to gold.

● Encapsulated


● The students will carry out the complete process from a 4 × 5 ′ ′ (10x12cm) plate already silver: Polished, sensitized, taken, developed, fixed and turned to gold.

● Each student will make two plates that they will take home.

● We will see and analyze the results of the workshop and encapsulate the daguerreotypes.

● A small manual will be provided with all the necessary information and links to obtain the material and chemicals necessary for the process.


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