Archaia (from Greek “ta archaia”=old things/the archives) explores the phenomenon of disappearing, as well as the question of the role of the photographic medium as historical evidence. The story of a flooded spanish village during the s60s and its relocation to a new town (which is also disappearing due to rural depopulation), serves as starting point for this photographic essay that tries to fathom the link between photography and archeology, and between memory and the photographic process.

Veronica Losantos



Verónica Losantos, born 1984 in Logroño (Spain) has been living since 2007 in Germany and has finished a Masters in Photography at the FH Bielefeld in January 2020.
Her work deals with subjects concerning memory, the passing of time and its traces or resulting changes, and about the relationship between photographic and psychological processes. She uses photography as an explorative process, often examining personal and past experiences, working mainly with analogue film in different formats.
She has received several awards & contests such as the Talents 36 by C/O Berlin; the Young Art Prize La Rioja 2020, the Kunstpreis Fotografie Berlin Brandenburg Lotto 2016 and the Foro PHOTOESPAÑA – Comunidad de Madrid.. She has been also finalist of the Kassel Photobook Dummy Award, the European Photography Award and the Meitar Award for Excellence in Photography among others. Her projects have been exhibited internationally: C/O Berlin and the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation in Germany, PHOTOESPAÑA Festival in Spain, the Fondazione Fotografia Modena in Italy, the Encontros da Imagem Festival int Portugal and PhotoIsrael Festival in Tel Aviv to name a few. Currently she is working as curator assistant for Moritz Neumüller in Barcelona.