The first images of the exhibition Tino Soriano took them at the Mental Institute of Barcelona (1990) and the report closes with images related to the Covid pandemic (2020). For four decades he has photographed the Universe of Health, giving priority to the role of health personnel, the relationship with patients and the empathy, necessary for their healing.

They are spontaneous images obtained at a time when there was no censorship other than the ethical limits of the photographer in his desire to document a world that is difficult to access as a reporter.

Tino Soriano



Tino Soriano is a photographer and writer. 

Awarded by Unesco, he has the Mexican Silver Lens, five Fotopres decorations, the Fujifilm Spanish Photographer of the Year, the World Press Photo, the Piedad Isla Award, the National Award for Communication by the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Spanish Geographical Society awarded him the Prize Image for his career as a photographer and traveler. 

He is the author of books such as “Los Secretos de la Fotografía de Viajes”, “Fotografía con una sonrisa”, “BanyoleSpeculum”, “CurArte”, “Los colores y tú” or “Ayúdame a mirar” (Photography Book of the Year 2020) and has worked for the National Geographic Society since 1997.

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