It is a series of analog collages made with real found photographs of aspiring models from the 50’s. They speak of the passage of time, erasure, oblivion and women. It is an invitation to reflect on the fickle canons of beauty, playing with nostalgia, but from a contemporary perspective. A memory of what could have been and was not, of the truncated dreams of glory, of the expired glamour. A tribute to the fleeting, the brief, the ephemeral. Intervened portraits of forgotten women, now rescued from their time by chance. Stars at the wrong time.

Susana Blasco



Susana Blasco has more than 20 years of experience as a graphic designer, illustrator and collagist. She was born in Zaragoza, but has been living in Bilbao for the last 8 years. She is especially interested in the exploration of memory, the past, memories, oblivion and women, often using old photographs rescued from flea markets and small found objects as starting material. She also feels a special connection with geometry, fragmentation, repetition, compulsive order and a chromatic range around white and ochre.  Each project is an excuse to experiment and recreate in the process.