My fascination for scientific photography, and its ability to transcend the visible, has led me to work with electrical discharges for the past 16 years, looking for ways to capture the intangible energy that cohesively binds the existing in its different scales, in a creative process that explores the potential of photography without a camera to generate visual metaphors about the harmony and complexity of reality.

The term Melothesia that gives title to the series is an expression associated to alchemy that defines the affective relationship by affinity of all things, terrestrial and celestial, that populate the universe.

Ricardo Guixà Frutos


Photographer, teacher and researcher of photography from an epistemological approach, he approaches his creative work exploring the frontiers of photography in the expanded field of visual arts. Under an existentialist and metaphysical perspective, he seeks to overcome the limits of the visible to show reality beyond what we can know through the naked eye, bringing together art and science, photography, sculpture and painting.

His works have been exhibited in various institutions and galleries since 1987, having received various awards and grants, among which are the VEGAP grants, which have allowed the realization of the work presented.