Laser chaos cyanotypes

Ralf Jacobs & Max Frimout are two artists who collaborate, both live in their own artistic universes, but they found an intersection where they could work together . Max, creates the signal on his instruments and Ralf, interprets the signal and displays it using a laser and some photographic techniques.

Both the creation of the signal as interpreting the signal are an artistic challenge with relation to physics and mathematics, somewhere aesthetic beauty is a foreigner. Their quest is to put this aesthetic beauty in the spotlight.

Ralf Jacobs


He was born in 1985 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and into a family where his father was an engineer. Ralf Jacobs now works as a technology consultant for a medium-sized company that develops and manufactures machinery for the industrial production of electronic devices.

The photographer ‘writes with light’ in a wonderful spectrum of old and new techniques, from 19th century cyanotypes to software-guided laser projections. By combining different photographic procedures and images, he creates new realities that incorporate time as a tangible presence.