One more time, the artist’s work invites us to a visual tour of spaces apparently simple, even though true to her style, are still very meaningful.

Travessia offers us the possibility of enjoying images that express more than what the elements communicate by themselves, and to achieve it we will appreciate that the composition and the light management are decisive.

A journey as an approach, that invites us to observe things differently, in a way that we can admire the balance between the simpleness and the complexity.

Pili Concellón



Born in Barcelona, she develops a deep curiosity for photography, after finishing her degree in Economics she decides to start her photographic training, dedicating her time to the exploration of the architectural forms of the city.

Years later, her interest scales towards the meaning of the shapes of the objects that surround us and begins a journey of personal discovery, always through analog photography and always in black and white.

Each proposal is a journey, sometimes conscious and sometimes random, that does not have a solid destination but it is an exciting process.

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