From some boxes with glass plates from the early twentieth century bought at the flea market in Madrid, Paco Gomez investigates its origin and, with little data, discovers that its author is a French schoolteacher. Obsessed with these images, he embarks on a journey through France to photograph the same places where these forgotten plates were taken. The adventures of his investigations are condensed in a book where he investigates the unfathomable mysteries of photography and pays tribute to the anonymous work of amateur photographers.

Paco Gómez


Paco Gómez is a civil engineer, but never practiced his profession. Since 1996 he has been dedicated to the world of image and currently combines his work as a photographer with being a writer, curator, exhibition designer and coordinator of crowdfunding campaigns and publishing projects.

Creator of the publishing house Fracaso Books with which he has published five books that explore the relationship between photography and literature: Los Modlin (2012), Proyecto K. (2015), Volverás a la Antártida (2017), Wattebled o el rastro de las cosas (2020) and Carta al hermano (2021).