Mata Hari

Mata-Hari came into her life little by little. On a trip to Paris he bought a seductive portrait of him dressed to dance and made by Reutlinger in the early 20th century. Years later he bought a photo in which the execution of an elegantly dressed woman is seen

Mata-Hari?. He thought so and began to inform me by reading biographies that narrated his life.

He decided to make a small series about his last moments by mixing the purchased photographs with his images. It was apparently straightforward but it took her several months to get the finished work to be respectful of her and to have a fluent and balanced reading.

If the framed photographs represent this objective, the books have another working method. She mixes the unused with press images and with portraits of those who tried and interrogated her. Reading it is more tragic. Mata-Hari in the discarded tests looks at our present day that presents almost the same problems that the time of her and she knew.

Santos Montes


Santos Montes (Santander 1949)

Since 1993 he has lived in Barcelona and in 2021 he moved to Vilassar de Dalt, where he currently lives.

He exhibits his work by series: Dípticos, Alcorisa, Buscando el Norte, Las Olas no preguntan y Mata-Hari.

He has always been interested in the negatives of anonymous photographers and for about four years he has been alternating his series with others, in which images are mixed with those from anonymous negatives.

He has exhibited individually at Metronom, Museo Universitario de Alicante, Fundación Miró de Palma de Mallorca, fundación Caja Cantábria, Galeria Raina Lupa, Galeria Visor, Galeria Forum, Sala América, Galeria Forum, Galeria Zoom, Canal de Isabel II etc.

He continues to work analogically.