Recuerdos combinados: mi pasado analógico

During the worldwide pandemic situation, travelling was complicated, and it was also said, better to stay at home. So I used the unexpected situation to travel through my archive of old analog images. With a macro lens, I recovered old black and white analog negatives, but I also combined positive and negative material in a classic sandwich montage. New combinations of my memories were born with a kind of metaphorical expression.

Michael Wagener



Michael Wagener lives and works in Cologne as a photographer and art teacher. After studying applied arts at the University of Siegen, he consolidated his skills in commercial photography by assisting Simon Puschmann in Cologne. After a position as scientific officer at the University of Siegen, professorships in the field of art and media education with a focus on photography followed at the universities of Oldenburg, Flensburg, Siegen and Cologne.

Michael Wagener’s broad interest in art, culture and people are reflected in the broad spectrum of his photographic works, which include portraits, travel and landscape photography as well as social reportage. As a freelance photographer, he enjoys the privilege of choosing his motifs out of interest and curiosity. In his current works he is increasingly concerned with the aesthetics of dance, for example in a shoot with the professional dancer Josefine Patzelt.

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