Emersión was born from a confrontation between Medusas and Mar de Fondo; of the uncertain balance that unites an infinite proliferation of gelatinous beings with a humanity that is fading between the swaying waves of the sea.

Medusas is a project that allows us to see and feel the process of destruction of marine ecosystems that has been occurring for several years as a result of human activities.
Inspired by the numerous scientific investigations that predict the disappearance of the vast majority of marine species, I seek to express, through a poetic process, the violence of the consequences of our ways of life and to give visibility to the brutal metamorphosis of our ecosystem where, according to several scientific studies, we will only be left with an oceanic desert full of jellyfish.

Mar de Fondo: Remembrance, memories. Cycles devastated by ocean currents, by storms, by the little control we have of everything that falls apart; disappears; and everything that remains.

Mercedes Cosano


After a degree in Audiovisual Communication and a Higher Cycle in Film and Television Creation, Mercedes became a photographer; a practice and passion to which she started at 16 years self-taught.

Integrates the Master of Photography of Concept and Creation in photography school EFTI where she is elected 1st in her promotion.
After 2010 her projects are oriented towards analog photography and the mixture of photographic techniques with marine themes.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries such as Projekteria (Barcelona 2020); L’Orfevrerie, Paris Face Cachée (Paris 2020); Galería Gemma Pichot (Cadaqués 2019) and in galleries and festivals in other cities such as Bordeaux, Madrid or Mallorca.

Since January 2019 she has been working with the D’Orsay Museum in Paris where she creates and participates in pedagogical projects for all types of audiences using analogue photographic techniques as well as curating the exhibitions that are made with the museum of the works of her students.