Mar Negra

This photographic series, which I began seven years ago, shows men and women in the city of Valparaíso, who find their place outside the established system. They survive with odd jobs, constantly threatened by hunger and indifference, anonymous and delicate beings, who constitute a story about pain and beauty.

In the face of exclusion, they build their own universe where they construct their dignity.

Max Donoso



Max Donoso was born in Santiago de Chile 61 years ago. From a very young age he learned to develop and enlarge images in a family laboratory. He learned photography by doing, not by studying.

He has two lines of work: the realization of books related to themes of the historical heritage of his country, which he does in digital format and in color. And on the other hand, his passion for analog black and white photography, with a documentary and author’s look.

He is currently conducting a personal investigation on Valparaíso, the mythical port that captivated Sergio Larraín. This work, entitled Mar Negra, is built from the experience and empathy with the unique worlds that flow through the labyrinths of the port.