My exhibition is linked to a historical journey of portraits of known and unknown people in different cities of Spain, such as Mallorca, Madrid and Barcelona.
These photographs speak of roads, intertwined paths, people at street level, an invisible universe. A fragile and vulnerable look for many, in which I have been moved by their strength and vigor, and above all their resistance to life.

Margarito Dela Guetto



Margarito and his camera are inseparable.
Instant photography implies a hic et nunc, a here and now. His work is a reflection of everything that surrounds him. The Polaroid is for him a record, a personal archive, the confirmation that time has gone, but that the protagonists he chooses and portrays in urban settings have left their traces in it.
Self-taught, Margarito dela Guetto skirts the edge of the bizarre to extract in each image the authentic essence of his characters with naturalness and nonchalance, without prejudice.
He flees from the stereotype to create his own unique and unmistakable brand. Color, frame, composition and almost spontaneous framing define his way of seeing the day to day.
Much of his work has been collected in multiple publications, which have always been linked to his artistic practice.