Homo et Natura

Sunlight penetrates the last volatilized particles of mercury.
The residue is a stain that spreads and corrodes the ground untamed.
Within the images survives an anonymous individual who tries to orient himself in front of an industrially dehumanized scenario. A landscape that reveals a split between human beings and nature.
A confrontation that questions the notion of progress inscribed in industrially advanced societies.
The matter concentrated in the photographs is the same waste generated in the laboratory to obtain them. The presence of the residue makes the photographic medium unstable, for a constant process of contamination; thus predicting the total disappearance of the landscape and the individual.

Marc Ávila Català


Marc Ávila Català (Barcelona, 1992) graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona (2019) explores and investigates the ethical-aesthetic relationship that is woven between contemporary landscape and the individual, intertwining artistic techniques such as photography, video art and painting, using the visual medium as a vehicle for writing where to combine experience, emotion and reflection.

His work has been exhibited at the Fundación Muxart, Espacio de arte y creación contemporaneos (2017) in the exhibition Sin Título at the University of Barcelona (2019), at the Geleria Valid Photo BCN (2021) and awarded in international exhibitions and competitions such as Revela’t 20 – Festival Internacional de Fotografía Analògica contemporanea (2020). Les Boutographies – Recontres photographiques de Montpellier – (2021) and Tokyo International Foto Award (2021).