Lilou is the nickname given to my older brother Antoine. Like Luc Besson’s heroine in The Fifth Element, he is an exceptional person, living in a universe different from the others. In his own universe. Antoine is an autistic adult, who has shut himself off completely in a world of silence.

To highlight him more for who he is, to tell his story, and to make people aware of autism, I try to express his way of expression through the image.

Lucie Hodiesne



Lucie Hodiesne Darras is a French author and photographer. She has always grown up in the photographic world: her father collected film cameras and her grandfather, admired the work of great photographers such as Robert Doisneau or Brassaï.

She studied at Gobelins, the school of image in photo and video curriculum after having completed a degree in English and Spanish at the University of Caen. Her photographic approach is first and foremost humanistic. Translating a certain truth and highlighting emotions, as well as the beauty that emanates from a subject. “To photograph is to put on the same line of sight the head, the eye and the heart.” These words from Henri Cartier-Bresson perfectly illustrate his conception of the 8th art. Beyond a language, photography is a vocation.

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