Une tentative d’équilibre

When we look at scientific images of the human body, we discover an unfamiliar universe which we find it difficult to identify as our own. We do not immediately recognise ourselves: there is a distance. This is a project about my blood and my skin. Both tissues are constantly renewing themselves. Cells divide to create new ones, others die or are expelled. Foreign atoms become our own when we touch them. Even if we stand still, nothing is static. We are beings out of balance, always pursuing an attempt at harmony.
attempt at harmony. Here, the physical body enters into dialogue with the photographic body, approaching this internal territory through an investigation into the evolution of photography and its use in scientific representation.

Lucia Peluffo


Buenos Aires, 1989.  She studied industrial design at the University of Buenos Aires, and trained in the workshops of different artists. She works with each medium, questioning its materiality, its nature and its processes of production and reproduction, creating in each project a dialogue between form and content.
She has published the books Somos uno. We are two. (self-published, 2016), Isabel (co-published with Gonzalo Golpe and Underbau, 2019), No sé si es una tormenta (La Balsa Editora, 2019), and Une tentative d’équilibre (Artefacts, Éditions Filigranes, 2020). She has exhibited his work at festivals such as Tbilisi Photo Festival, Itinéraires des photographes voyageurs, San José Foto and Les Boutographies, and this year she will participate in La Science de l’Art, exhibiting at the Musée Français de la Photographie. She lives and works between Argentina and France.