Memory Gap

This series addresses the voids of memory and how we fill them as we please, building our identity with a universe of our own.

I like to think that the memory that constitutes us as people are largely our own creation. That they are not stored objective facts, but recreations of experiences and knowledge passed through the filter of emotions, and that this allows us to transform and shape ourselves.

Various communicative materials, especially photographic ones, related to other types of memory fill photographic “gaps” alluding to the universe of photography itself, in a self-referential work, photographically speaking.

Lluís Estopiñan


Lluís Estopiñan is a Catalan visual artist who focuses his work on themes related to memory and identity, often starting from old anonymous photographic material that he intervenes, contextualizes and gives new meanings.

Graduated from the Escola Massana in the late eighties, since then he has not stopped working in painting, art installations and photography, which he has exhibited in galleries, museums and art centers in Catalonia and Spain, but also in Japan, France, England, Germany, Italy, United States, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and Cuba.

He always seeks to combine reflection and emotion in his work.

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