Ulls de mussol is a visual reflection on duality. The exhibition will present a set of images that point to the poetic existence of different characters or different phenomena in the same occurrence.

The aim of the photographs is to project the chaos and order of the perceived environment, of what is observed. With the aim of establishing an immersive and non-unidirectional journey, the installation will consist of works in different formats and techniques that dialogue between disturbance and serenity.

This project, following on from the previous ones, Mal de Tierra (2018) and Cap de Fibló (2019), represents a third investigation by the author into the distortions of the spectrum, a term that brings together the three proposals on a photographic and narrative level.

Lluís Tudela

Torroella de Montgrí


Lluís Tudela’s work explores the poetics of the image and reflects on universal themes and contemporary motifs through photographic expression. He starts from everyday life and nature to generate aesthetic and conceptual sensations. With a social commitment, his gaze points to ideas about the human psyche, points of view and natural and artificial processes.

Lluís Tudela (Torroella de Montgrí, 1988) has exhibited the projects Les Anèmones (Bombon Projects, 2020, Barcelona), in collaboration with Rosa Tharrats, Cap de fibló (Mecànic, 2019, Barcelona) and Baix Ter (Estudio Ñ, 2015, Valdívia). Collective projects include To lose your heads (2019, Catalan project at the 58th Venice Art Biennale) and Sóc lloc (Museu de la Mediterrània, 2016, Torroella de Montgrí). He has published A-LL with Alba Yruela (Self-published by Miquel Matas, 2020), Cap de fibló (Noom Books, 2019) and Mal de Tierra (Clandestine Books, 2018).

Centre Cívic Can Basté

Pg. Fabra i Puig 274

08031 – Barcelona


93 420 66 51



Opening 22 of September at 20h

22 September – 30 October

Monday from 16h to 22h

From Tuesday to Friday  9.30h to 13.30h and 16h to 22h

Saturday from 10.30h to 13.30h and from 16.30h to 20.30h