She photographs without knowing what she is looking for. In the laboratory, she experiments, plaguing his solitude with errors. An appreciation is enough to carry out a transfiguring manipulation of the original. Chemical intervention; essentially plastic.
Reflection on representation and its semantics. Displacement? Slippage of unconscious meanings: the accessory becomes the central image. Deconstruction to the fragmentary, which constructs its context of relation or meaning. Is the fragment part of a whole?: uncertainty. A reader of fragments takes pleasure in incompleteness: A glance can be a vision of the world:
universes of its own. Alejandra Pizarnik: “beyond any forbidden zone/there is a mirror for our sad transparency”.

Leonor Benito de la Lastra


Born in Barcelona, 1962. She currently lives in Salamanca. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca.

Since then she has dedicated herself to photography. Creator and manager of the space “El Fotógrafo” oriented exclusively to photography: exhibition room, specialised bookshop and photographic memory studio. She has been awarded by the JCyL. Last solo exhibition: Da2 Salamanca, 2020. Curator, José Gómez Isla. MAGNUM PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS selection, 2016. Publications: “Poéticas de interior”. Exhibition catalogue, José Gómez Isla. (Ayto. Salamanca).