Regnum Naturæ

Thirty-six thousand years ago cavemen were painting bisons, lions and wild horses on the walls of their caves, they were scared of them and Nature dominated. Today, the logic is reversed, and the untamed world is in the hands of Men.

Nature has receded, and its existence is only tolerated. Considering Nature as a being who lives and fights, I am disengaging myself with our time in order to create an alternative universe in which the notion of power is being rethought.

My work tends to escape reality and deeply takes inspiration in different myths from the Metamorphoses of Ovid such as the flood myth of Deucalion and Pyrrha in which Humanity is being punished for its wickedness. Regnum Naturæ then resonates as the outcome of a divine retribution for the damaging acts mankind is inflicting on Earth.

Through the technique of wet plate collodion I am looking at what is enduring and ephemeral, at lightness and darkness, the real and the unreal. The duality of photography is at the core of the work: a surreal universe within a real object.

Laura Aubrée


Laura defines her practice as an exploration. Travelling through her imagination, she invites serendipity and refuses to record things but to create them.

Focusing on the materiality of photography, Laura studies how photography still exists as a three-dimensional object in time and space.

Through continuous experimentation, she creates what she calls photographic objects.