Paulo Cacais photographs.

Casi todo es azul

Some verses borrowed from the Chilean poet Simón Villalobos Parda become the starting point for the construction of an intimate universe of goldsmith construction.

Beneath the apparent fragility and ethereal lightness of the tea bags, the poetics of crude indigo emerges in the form of portraits of vulnerable / helpless childhoods.

On the porous paper, fragments of memories are amplified that force us to sharpen our sensitivity, to peer into the imperceptible and to undertake a journey marked by reminiscence.

In this way, the intangible is magnified to the point of overcoming any spatial barrier.


Almost everything is blue

minus this word

my hand that draws it

it is flesh girded with fear.

Kati Riquelme


Multidisciplinary artist, born in Chile and established in Barcelona.

Her work draws from one and a thousand sources and revolves around heterogeneous processes, the photographic techniques of the mid-nineteenth century being one of the main vehicles for her expression.

The expression of moments of absorbing humanity is a constant in her journey, stopping at the details and objects through which time imprints her mark.

Her works are subtle, delicate and marked by modesty where words and gestures merge creating stories of marked narrative force and entering new and unexplored places.

Lluc Queralt photography.