A Piel

“A Piel” is an allegory of the feminine in all its splendor. An attempt to capture the ephemeral beauty of purity, fragility and the unique and haunting “imperfect perfection” of the female body.

In each of these compositions I express my thoughts and concerns, almost poetic, sometimes surreal and, aided by the light and the treatment of the image, I try to represent my admiration for women as the source of life, as the land of our existence.

Joaquín Melero


After twenty years taking photographs, in 2015 he returns to analog and alternative and primitive processes. He begins to expand his photographic knowledge by taking several courses and workshops in the photographic space Espai Nag and various one to one trainings with Miguel Angel Perez.

He opted for social and documentary reportage, as well as underwater photography. But in 2008 is the author’s photography which acquires a major role and begins to make my own personal projects, many of them still in progress.

From 2011 to the present, he has participated in several group and solo exhibitions.

Galeria Fotofilia Vic

Calle del Bisbe Morgades, 10

08500 Vic, Barcelona

Mon- Fri, from 8:30h to 15h.

Afternoons under reservation

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