The truths of vision, between what is contained in the mind and observable matter. Between one’s own internal universe and the external universe of infinite matter.

The veras are sensitive, they envelop, they point out changing limits. The truths are the real frontiers, not the official ones, hidden even when they make cry or shudder. The truths are emotional.

This is a series of photomaterics, of natural motifs. All the forms have been found, not sought.

The technique of enlarging the object on the paper, the direct photogram or monotype, with the implicit and equivocal game between positive and negative image, has been followed. The light has been applied by instinct, without previous measurements. The photochemical processing has not always been orthodox.

Veras is an exploration of the limits, of the myths that inhabit us, and also a verification of matter as the habitat of the image.

Joan Teixidor



Joan Teixidor, Barcelona 1977. Sociologist, he turned to photography in 2008.

In 2010 he creates the label Teixirep Press with which he identifies all his photographic activity based on documentaries, curating exhibitions and training proposals.

He is Head of Photography Workshop at the Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc and Coordinator of Argentic Affairs at the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya.

As a teacher he teaches the specialization courses “Argentic Series”, “Laboratory Sessions” and the initiation workshop “Argentic Process” at the IEFC, as well as the workshop “Photochemical Process” at the Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc, “Lab Practices” at the CC Pati Llimona and “Argentic Photography in the street” with the Llibreria Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

As an author, he focuses his exploration on the image, nature and human groups, through the portrait, the documentary, the still life. In the non-camera side, he has created the series “Visits” (2014), “Opacities” (2019) and “Veras” (2021).

In 2020, the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya will acquire the series “Negativity” within the Pla Nacional de Fotografia.

Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc

Carrer Mercaders, 42

08003 Barcelona

+34 93 302 45 79