En un altre món

This series is an exploration of worlds that do not exist, but are still visible. It picks up on Charles Baudelaire’s statement that poetry is the most real thing there is, but that it is only completely true in another world.

The photographs in this series are what Jaume Muñoz calls hostiographs, which are double exposures forced on a single-use camera, fascinated by the simplicity with which such a basic tool can achieve evocative and surprising images. All the photographs have been taken with Konica or Ilford single-use cameras with 35 mm film.

Jaume Muñoz



Jaume Muñoz (Barcelona, 1977). Philologist by training, translator by profession and poet and artist by passion.

He works with chance as the driving force of creation. In painting, he combines heterogeneous materials and uses techniques such as pigment dispersion. In photography, he feels a great inclination for double exposure, because of its intrinsically random nature.

Moving away from control and letting himself be carried away by intuition and chance gives creation a necessary element of emotion, surprise and fun.

In terms of subject, he seeks that which is not perceptible, that which only exists as a possibility in the imagination.

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