Creatures of the seven seas

The photographs reveal much more than meets the eye, they are a special tribute to all the different types of species that live beneath the surface. The ocean has always been one of the most mysterious places on earth, each creature is unique in its appearance, but they all have one thing in common: the ocean as their home.

Just like the animals that live in the deep sea, humans also need the ocean for our existence, helping us to breathe and regulate our climate. The series not only shows all the beauty and fascinating side of the ocean, it is also a reminder to raise awareness of what we will lose if we do not take care of our earth.

Jan C. Schlegel


Jan C. Schlegel was born in 1965 in the Black Forest of Germany. He discovered his passion for photography at the age of 14 with the scope of a photography course at school, his first own camera was the Minolta XG9 reflex camera.

Winner of an AGFA photographic competition focusing on portraits, Schlegel participated in a seminar of the photographer Walter Scheler at the Staatslehranstalt für Photographie in Munich. Under the influence of Walter Scheler, Jan C. Schlegel began to develop a passion for black-and-white portraits. Toni Schneiders, a distant neighbour of Schlegel’s, became the second important mentor for the young photographer.