Somos agua

“Somos agua” is the installation and exhibition carried out by Isabel Muñoz that brings us face to face with a problem that we have faced for decades: global warming.

Isabel has dedicated the last five years of her career to this project, in which she has decided to capture the bowels of seas and oceans. The result is a cocktail of emotions and contradictions that coexist in these images and that invite us to reflect on the use and abuse that nature receives, being so generous with the human being.

At the festival, he will present the project by the hand of the Japanese free diver AI Futaki, who helped him make part of the images and with whom they share a common goal: to raise awareness of the environmental disaster of which we are all participants.

Attracted by the diversity of the organisms that inhabit in the aquariums of the Oceanographic Institute of Valencia, she carried out this project with the help of some divers.

Isabel Muñoz



Isabel Muñoz, two times WordPress winner, Prize Nacional de fotografía 2016, Prize PHOTOEspaña 2021 and much more… Born in Barcelona and established in Madrid, Isabel Muñoz (2016 National Photography Prize) decided in 1979 to turn her hobby into a profession. In the beginning she worked in advertising and press and also taking still photo in films such as Sal Gorda and Penumbra.

She trained and met many of her artists of reference: Mourelle, Momeñe, John Wood, Martha Madigan, Robert Steinberg, Neil Selkirk. She has travelled a lot, sharing her emotions. Since her first exhibition in the late 90s in Madrid, she has worked in Burkina Faso, Mali, Egypt, Turkey, China, Cambodia, Brazil, Ethiopia among many others. Her works revolve around subjects such as dance, color, body language, ritual and identity, emphasizing a meticulous process of artisanal development.

In 2018 Isabel unveils one of the latest projects in which she is immersed, Agua. Presenting it at Blanca Berlin Gallery under the title Water and as part of the retrospective exhibition organized at Tabacalera The Anthropology of Feelings.

Author: David López Estada