Oasis: In our quarantine yard

It is a series created during the 95 days of our family’s confinement in a Spanish countryside, the place where the Covid-19 pandemic surprised us. Explore the experience of social distancing in a rural area where space is widening but human presence is scarce.
Contact with nature intensifies and silence, leisure is filled with the observation of natural events. The break with a common rhythm makes children’s imaginations flourish. We create our own world for this uncertain and scary time trying to learn to tame the monsters of the night.

Irmina Walczak & Sávio Freire



Irmina Walczak and Sávio Freire are a Polish-Brazilian couple of photographers, educators and editors of Clan magazine. Since 2011, they are exploring family relationships, intimacy, and aspects of daily life. They successively study and deepen the condition of the child in contemporary society and the ways in which a motherhood is inscribed in the bodies and identities of women.
In 2016 they published “Retratos pra Yayá” (Portraits for Yayá) a monograph dedicated to technology-free childhood close to nature. They were awarded by FotoFestiwal (Poland), Meitar Award for Excellence in Photography (Israel), Head On Portrait Award (Australia) and LensCulture Portrait Award (USA).